How do I get LinkedIn Learning Free Courses with Certificate?

You can get a free LinkedIn course if your company or college has a tie up with LinkedIn. Alternatively there are several free courses from reputed institutions for free.

LinkedIn learning courses are available for via several ways.

  1. Either your company or college would have a LinkedIn partnership. In my case, Jain University offers free LinkedIn courses for each student.
  2. You could also buy a paid subscription of LinkedIn which would cost you cost you from ₹783 per month for Career Plan to Recruiter Lite plan which costs ₹7,000 per month. All these plans have LinkedIn learning attached with them.

If you do not qualify for any of the two above, there are several free courses on LinkedIn that will grant you access to several courses, except a few paid ones.

Honest Review

LinkedIn courses are several times outdated and provide very rudimentary knowledge on most courses. Except their marketing courses, all of their courses including SEO, Blockchain, Programming are severely out of date and needs to catchup to stay relevant.

Further, there are only a few types of courses on LinkedIn. On the other hand, Udemy has the most vast course library among reputed platforms.

Alternative Free Courses From Reputed Institutions

Also, you can explore other websites that offer free courses. For example, Free MBA Online offers free courses for MBA students.